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Yoga at Home

Retreats with 
Neena Rainey 

Retreats with Neena Rainey provide truly unique experiences; exclusive opportunities to unplug and recharge in the tranquillity of nature. These carefully curated retreats delight the senses and nurture mind, body and soul. 

Time to get connected to your inner-self.
Feel reconnected, refreshed and refocused for life.

Discover our current retreats below.

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Your Retreat Host
Neena Rainey 

An experienced therapist and founder of a successful global therapy practice, Neena is qualified to deliver a wide range of therapies. Clinical hypnotherapy, integral eye movement therapy and neuro-linguistic programming, alongside being a certified stress management consultant are just some of the practices Neena specialises in.
Neena has a  unique approach to therapy and blends tried and tested techniques with integrity, empathy, intuition, and a healthy dose of humour. Naturally putting her clients at ease, Neena enables them to "work towards a future they want, eliminating negative beliefs and overcoming stress and anxiety

Neena has already transformed the lives of many by tuning into her client's needs and now she offers retreats to complement her one-to-one therapy. With a huge belief  in the benefits of connecting people together in nature, Neena encourages others to share…or just listen within a safe space.

Current Retreat
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