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Neena by a statue in the garden, smiling at the camera

Dare to stretch the boundaries…refuse to play the game

I think it quite amusing to never feel the same

Stay in lane they always say…avoid the ‘shiny thing’

They don’t know defiance…helps my to heart sing

Resistance is so tiring…the detriment all mine

All that wasted energy…but now’s the time to shine

Cut the crap and knuckle down… seize the moment drop the frown…

Time it waits for no one…not even me I fear

I concede and listen now to those that I hold dear 

Once the penny finally drops… enthusiasm oozes

Now I understand there’s only me that loses

Yes, this is a blog of my thoughts and feelings... but I love connection and collaboration. So, I invite you... No, I dare you to share your inner thoughts and feelings too.

If you'd like to publish some writing here, send me an email and I'll put it on.

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