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Laughter really is the best medicine...

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Lifeline to Laughter

Learn how to inject fun and laughter into everyday life with this 6 week online group course.

It’s fun to laugh…but did you know it can actually improve your health?

As children, we used to laugh hundreds of times a day, but as adults, life seems to be more serious.


With so much power to heal and renew, having the ability to laugh easily and often can help improve your emotional wellbeing, strengthen relationships, find greater happiness,

and even add years to your life.

Because laughter is strong medicine.

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The 3 pronged approach to wellbeing

Laughter draws people together in ways that promote healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. It boosts your mood, strengthens your immune system, connects you to others, helps you release and forgive quicker and keeps you grounded.

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Woman laughing reading a book in a chari hammock
2 girls laying side by side laughing
  • Boosts immunity helping you stay healthier and fight off illnesses.

  • Lowers stress hormones so you feel more relaxed and at ease.

  • Can decrease pain by releasing endorphins.

  • Relieves physical tension by relaxing your muscles.

  • Makes everyday moments more enjoyable bringing joy and zest to life.

  • Eases anxiety and tension allowing you to feel calmer.

  • Improves mood to maintain a positive outlook.

  • Strengthens resilience helping you cope with difficult situations.

  • Strengthens relationships as shared laughter creates bonds.

  • Improves social interations: people are drawn to those who can make them laugh.

  • Helps defuse conflict more smoothly.

  • Creates unity and belonging, enhancing group bonding.

Close up of Neena and her sister Sharon with mouths wide open laughing
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What does the Lifeline to Laughter course look like?

I know from personal experience how powerful laughter can be.


So, I studied it and became qualified to present it as a therapy modality. I’ve designed this course as an engaging, interactive experience to enhance your overall wellbeing by discovering how to inject more light into your life through laughter, therapy and connection.

6 x 1-Hour Online Connection Sessions
Every Monday evening, gather on Zoom for an hour of laughter, connection, and therapeutic activities. These sessions will help you unwind, laugh, and build meaningful connections with others. (Recorded & you have lifetime access).

Personalised Worksheets
Each week, you'll receive fun and insightful worksheets to help you deepen your understanding and apply what you've learned to your daily life.

WhatsApp Group Support Chat
Stay connected and keep the laughter going throughout the week with our supportive WhatsApp group. Share your experiences, seek advice, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow participants.

1 x 1-1 Intuitive Therapy Session
As part of your journey, enjoy a one-on-one intuitive therapy session at any point during the 6 weeks. This personalised session will help you address specific challenges and support your personal growth.

How to join the course

The course kicks off on October 7th and spaces are limited to just 8 participants to ensure a safe, intimate and personalised experience.

Full price is £222 but sign up before 19th August to get a generous discount.

Join us for ONLY £149

Payment details
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Laughter is contagious…

You're more likely to laugh with others than alone, and bringing more laughter into your life increases happiness for everyone around you. Connecting properly with others, not only rebalances your nervous system but also decreases stress responses

It’s the kind of medicine we all need, but don’t administer enough…and I want to show you how to make it a more frequent practice in your life.

If you’re unsure about whether this course is for you then pop me an email by clicking below and we can have a chat.

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