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Neena with her hand on her heart stood surrounded by green trees and bushes

Where do I go to lose myself?

An empty beach….

…book from a shelf?

To stop the chatter in my mind

A place of peace I crave to find

I clean

I mend 

I work

I cook

And then…I stop and take a look

This place of fluster, this place so rushed

This place where every button gets pushed

I snap 

I snarl

I then retreat

The same old cycle I repeat

A raging tiger looks once more

For an escape… an open door

That TV series watched on loop 

Is this the level I would stoop?

To dull the chatter 

To ease the pain 

I feel it flow through every vein 

Distract…deflect ….I’ve tried them all

But it’s not long before I fall

Back into chaos

Back into drudge 

Through lifes dilemmas I do trudge…

There have been moments ….the light comes on

That tranquil passage it has shone

A light so pure it guides me through

The indecision …the mental goo

To lose my mind and find my soul…

Where pure surrender is my goal

All I’d noticed …all I’d found 

Was just to sit without a sound 

Each breath could lead me deep within

To shut out noise …to shut out din

I soon discovered every morning

As bird song starts and day is dawning

To watch an ever-changing sky

From orange hue …to blue up high 

That silence cradles every cell

There is no worry… there is no hell

As loved ones sleep…I clear my head

In deepest slumber…safe in  bed

A  house so quiet… a house of love

I feel their presence up above

For I am blessed and I now see

It’s always been right there for me

There are no shackles… no need to run

A life that’s filled with so much fun

For I have choice… I have free will

A place so calm …a place so still

This place has always been inside

 A gentle brook … emotional tide

To wash me clean …a place to heal

A place to be…a place to feel 

This place that stretches far and wide

No more tears…no need to hide

For I am love and love is me

And in this place my soul is free

The conscious soul it has been fed…

In pure surrender… worries  shed

Where do I go to lose myself….


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