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  • Dani Smith

Growth (by Dani Smith)

Green shoot growing out of a tall tree

From child to adolescent

A caterpillar to cocoon

Both spreading their wings

For freedom comes soon

Is that all it is?

Or may it be more?

An experience

Lasting, like never before

Overcoming fears

Facing those demons

Eliminating excuses

Finding your reasons

A journey of self discovery

Discipline and focus

Knowing a spiritual self

A splash of hocus pocus

Sometimes we find the magic

Lighting up your spark

Working on emotions

Travelling out of the dark

A different view for all of us

Two roads never the same

A path walked

Not to be journeyed again

Each step is different

With purpose true and pure

An inner knowing

I'm going where I've never been before

Getting to know myself 


Opening my heart

Wonder and determination

Time to give but also receive

Healing through patience

You just have to believe.

- Dani x

Dani Smith smiling at the camera with a purple top on and a purple background

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