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Neena with her sister Sharon laughing broadly

A secret snigger trapped inside…

You know it’s wrong …but try to hide

You think your head will burst or pop

But if you laugh their jaws will drop

It is so wrong…it is so right

Nice or naughty…who wins the fight?

For humour comes in many forms

Rebelling against our social norms

Slap stick humour …or a joke

A random comment that makes you choke

A heart that dances full of glee

You laugh so hard …it makes you wee!

A howl

A growl

A hackle or a  cackle

Raucous roars…or snorts with snot…

Wonderful sounds you’ve heard the lot

The joy of laughter starts from birth

My wish is more should fill this earth

For laughter I know feeds my soul

It wakes my spirit and makes me whole

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