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Clinical Hypnotherapist, IEMT Practitioner, NLP

Helping you heal, embrace happiness and reach your true potential

with love, laughter and life lessons

Are you struggling to navigate the impact of stress, anxiety, trauma, negative beliefs or grief in your life? 

Do you have a child or teenager who is struggling with anxiety, low-self esteem, phobias, or even self harm? 

Do you want to reduce your worry, get back to being your old self, or just see your child happy again?

Or perhaps you are finally ready to embrace the best version of yourself and need help to reach ambitious goals.

As a qualified therapist who has been working with children for 35 years, I have the experience to help you. Working together we can resolve your issues, big or small. So, let's get you on track to live the most fulfilled life you deserve.

How I can Help

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Individual therapy sessions for adults & children


Holistic retreats to
relax, reflect and rediscover


Bespoke workshops for businesses and educational settings

I'm Neena

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Hi there, I am so happy you made it here!


In a nutshell, I am a therapist & coach helping parents, children and young adults to live their happiest lives. 

With 35 yrs experience and counting of working with children and families, and a wall full of therapy qualifications, I am well equipped to help you - with even the most difficult of issues.

Working with me always promises a huge dose of love, laughter and life experiences.

CertSCS, CertIEMT, CertWMS

What my clients say...

I couldn't have done it without you

Before my session I felt like I had no control of my fear of cramped spaces, lifts and flying. 

I couldn't help myself have a panic attack when there was turbulence and when we were taking off. This made me feel completely helpless and unable to control my thoughts. 

After my session I am able to calm myself if I ever feel anxious. I have some coping mechanisms to use when I go on an aeroplane and in a life. They really help me to know that I am okay and everything will go smoothly. 

Thank you Neena for your amazing help.

I couldn't have done it without you. 

— Simone, 10, Dubai

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33 Bahram Road, Doncaster, United Kingdom

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