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Discover your true potential and step onto your path of fulfilment and healing


Become Your Best Self with this Transformative Women’s Wellness Retreat

16th-18th August 2024

Dove Farm Cottages, Derbyshire

Woman mediatating alone in the sunset

Relax. Reconnect. Refocus.

In a world where chaos feels like the norm, our retreat provides a sanctuary for awakening. A safe place where you can detach from the noise and turn inwards. Through rest, relaxation and a host of complementary therapies, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself on another level and develop your journey of true self-discovery.


Reconnect with yourself as you engage in our Activating Workshops enabling you to shed burdens, judgement and guilt. With newfound motivation, you’ll achieve remarkable results, personally and professionally, as you embrace exciting opportunities instead of shying away from fear.


Refocus your efforts. Learn invaluable self-development skills and techniques that will help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence and build connections with like-minded souls that resonate beyond the retreat.


The Best Version of You Retreat is designed exclusively for women who want to find transformation, meaningful connections, and holistic wellbeing.


Your relaxation, reconnection and refocusing await…

Woman standing barefoot in grass and wildflowers
Women doing yoga outside
Dove Studio
Wren Cottage Bedroom
Therapists Neena and Jo laughing
Barn Owl Cottage
Foot Reflexology
Idyllic view of Dove Farm

What’s Included:
Your Path to Lasting Transformation

This retreat generously combines individual holistic therapy treatments, group activities and the perfect amount of ‘you’ time so you can reconnect with yourself and

discover the best version of YOU.


All therapies and activities are optional, do as much or as little as your heart desires.

Garden view from Wren cottage

Beautiful Accomodation

Indulge in 2 nights of comfort and relaxation across three charming countryside cottages on a working Farm in the idyllic countryside of Derbyshire. Each cottage offers privacy with its own bathroom, living room and kitchen facilities ensuring you have the space to unwind and reflect.

Reflexologist Helen working on an attendee's feet

Empowering Therapies

Experience a 1:1 Hypnotherapy Session tailored to your needs helping you unlock the potential within your subconscious mind. You also have a choice of holistic therapies to choose from like Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki or Chakra Balancing. These practices help you release stress and restore energy flow, tapping into your inner well of strength and vitality.

Zara doing sound bowl workshop

Activating Workshops

Immerse yourself in mindfulness and learning with activities like Mindful Mandala art therapy, rejuvenating outdoor walking meditations, empowering yoga, guided meditation, transformative personal development workshops, journalling, creative Art for Happiness sessions, and the soothing resonance of Sound Bowls. 

Neena writing notes at hypnotherapy workshop.jpg

Signature Workshops

Build the Best Version of You Workshop: this life-changing session will help you dig deeper and explore your inner landscape providing you with the tools and insights needed to create lasting change in your life, helping you craft a roadmap towards your most authentic self.

Close-up of fire pit burning

Fire Pit Experience

Circle of Ascension Fire Pit Experience: Connect with fellow participants in a moving fire pit ceremony, forging deep and lasting connections. You know what you want and who you want to be - this will help you work out how to take YOU to the next level.

Hearty curry in a bowl by the fire

Delicious Food

Nourish your body and soul supporting your wellbeing from the inside out.

All meals are included and are freshly prepared just for you. We provide healthy and hearty meals such as delicious salads, tasty curries and wholesome soups.

Wellbeing giftbag

Wellbeing Gifts

Wellbeing Welcome Gift Pack: Begin your self-discovery journey with thoughtful welcome gifts that set the tone for your retreat experience and help inspire you to relax and refocus.

Woman relaxing

Space For You

Priceless You Time!

A whole weekend dedicated to YOU, to reach your true potential and gain clarity on your purpose. This is a weekend where you can and deserve to be selfish!

Your journey to becoming the best version of yourself begins here!

Love for our retreats...

Natalie Diamond

"It was a jam-packed weekend full of therapies to pamper your body and soul. There were so many extras too, I lost count - the ethos of doing as much or as little as you like. I fully recommend you try everything you can to take full advantage of what's on offer.

This retreat is amazing value for money!"

I'm Neena

your not-the-run-of-the-mill therapist!

I help and encourage people to feel like the best versions of themselves using love, laughter and life experiences.


I’m an experienced therapist, qualified to deliver a range of tried and tested methods, including hypnotherapy, integral eye movement therapy and neuro-linguistic programming, and have run a globally successful therapy practice for several years now.


Every person I work with is different, so my unique approach is to blend these certified practices alongside my intuition, energy work and the most important element… humour.


I developed these women’s wellbeing retreats as a stand-alone experience to provide something different to those who need it. To see and be part of the life-changing impact these retreats have had on people's lives has been both humbling and inspiring. I’ve run several incredibly successful retreats now, and they’ve also helped me with my own personal and professional development.


I invite you to join us and experience the change for yourself.

Together we can journey along a path of self-exploration, helping elevate you to be the best version of you possible

Therapist Neena Rainey on a beach holding pebbles
Poppies in the yard at Dove Farm cottages

Secure Your Sanctuary Place

Reserve your place today and step into a future filled with confidence, joy and purpose.


Best Version of You Retreat

16th-18th August 2024

Dove Farm Cottages, Derbyshire


Get a discount of £45 AND Extended 9 MONTH Payment Plan with the Early Bird Investment


This discount and payment plan ends on 31st December 2023.

Pay in Full

Early Bird Deal

JUST £650

Payment Plan

Early Bird Deal

ONLY £85 p/m

Join us on this journey together and have your chance to relax, reconnect and refocus to create lasting positive pathways for your future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become the very best version of yourself. Book your place today!

More retreat love...


It was such an amazing experience. I came away feeling more positive and ready to find myself. It was the right time to start my healing journey.

Out of this world!

- Sam Rawlings

Don't forget all the incredible things that are included...

3 days/2 nights in countryside cottages

1:1 hypnotherapy session AND another holistic therapy of your choosing

Over 7 different Activating Workshops to help you relax, reconnect & refocus

Build the Best Version of You Workshop to provide you with the tools and insights needed to create lasting change

Circle of Ascension Fire Pit Experience to help you rise to the next level of YOU!

All delicious and nutritious meals throughout the weekend to support your wellbeing from the inside out

Wellbeing Welcome Gift Packs

Not to mention the priceless gift of ultimate relaxation, making new connections and starting your journey of self-discovery

The whole retreat is worth over £1000!

Don't be shy...

If you have any questions or want to have a free chat about the retreat, then don’t hesitate to get in touch via the button below.


I’m so looking forward to meeting the amazing women that are stepping up and taking some time for themselves.


We are going to have one hell of a weekend ladies!

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